PIF Wiki vs PSA Database

⚠️ Please do not harass anyone mentioned in this article. You are a douchebag if you decide to bully people over bad takes. They’re only displayed here as a record of what NOT to say about sensitive subjects.

Please be aware that this article does mention sexual assault and death of children. Not in detail; but it’s still there.

One of the things I like looking at is old PSAs(Public Service Announcements) those not-quite-commercials telling you about avoiding drugs and not speeding or looking at your phone while driving. They vary widely in topic, method of getting the message across and, of course, quality.


PIF Wiki

The PIF Wiki is hosted on Fandom, fka Wikia. I currently don’t have anyway to tell when the first page was created, but watch this space to see if/when I mamange to get that info.

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright red background and dark text. It gets a 5.25:1 contrast ratio according to WebAIM’s checker, which is okay but the sheer brightness of the red makes my eyes hurt a bit. In contrast, the page you’re looking at gets 11.34:1. Thankfully, the article text is white and is in a dark-grey container (~10:1).

I get the feeling that this wiki is run by people who are 10 to 15 years old. There’s a lot of weird roleplay in the comments and emotionally-charged language that is sometimes very inappropriate or insensitive. Take the article about Women and Men Against Child Abuse’s “Baby Monitor”. The top of the page has categorization tags. One of them is called “Cursed”; its presence baffles me very much.

Like, is it actually “cursed”, even in the internet sense if it’s talking about something horrible that actually happens? “Baby Monitor” isn’t showing, like, piles of bread with someone sitting on them curled up in sheer overwhelm.

Some articles have users wishing harm on the maker of the PSA in the comments? That’s not a proportionate response to making something scary in any way. Do I really need to cite this?

PSA Database

PSA Database is a newer wiki than the PIF wiki, starting up on December 23, 2023 and moving to the Miraheze MediaWiki hosting service on April 24 2024. Due to its age it’s not got as many articles as the PIF Wiki, and has influenced my choice of the subject of the below section.

Overall, the design is a basic clean black-on-white, which I find a little bland. It works, but the PSA Database does not stand out at all and it will make for some uncomfortable viewing at night.

Conor Clapton (2009) - CeV: compare and contrast

I’d like to illustrate the differences in the ways these two wikis handle their subject matter, not just in the articles, but the comments and other adjacent areas.

This PSA, produced for Dutch organization Stichting Consument en Veiligheid is relatively safe for viewing by younger audiences. There’s no gore, just pictures of sad kids in casts and bandages. (The baby with a cast on her arm does get me a little.) However, the last scenario is based on a real incident that happened to Conor, the 4-year-old son of musician Eric Clapton, who wrote the song that plays as background music throughout the entire video. Again, no gore, but there are ambulance sirens and helicopter blade sounds. The PIF is only doing its work to get you to help kids be more safe during play.

PIF Wiki’s take

well thats a weird way of saying the son is dead

This is the only comment on the page for this PIF. I want you to see it again to bask in its antiglory.
This is about using a star to symbolize a long-dead child, by the way.

Like, what did you expect, a close-up of the body? I’m serious, DM me and tell me what you wanting from this. I want to understand what led you to say this.

PSA Databases’ take

I know I can’t read good sometimes but as far as I can tell, this is much more respectful of the subject matter. It does help that there are no comments to be seen directly on the page.


I think I’m going to see what happens to these two wikis. I hope PSA Database takes off and we have something that’s to PIF Wiki like what AVID is to the Scarly Logos Wiki: something that is more porfessional and less full of personal popinions disguised as facts.


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